UMT/GSM Shield/UMT Pro eMMC ISP Tool Adapter

UMT/GSM Shield/UMT Pro eMMC ISP Tool Adapter

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Product Code: eMMC ISP Tool Adapter for UMT/GSM Shield
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Product Description

eMMC ISP Tool Adapter is intended for UMT, UMT Pro, NCK Pro and GSM Shield.

Note! UMT Dongle/Box, UMT Pro Dongle/Box and NCK Pro Dongle/Box users need to activate their devices with UMT eMMC ISP Tool Activation to be able to use this hardware. Activation is separate and paid.
Owners of GSM Shield Dongle/Box don`t need any additional activation


  • Supports numerous EMMC Chips / Qualcomm EMMC Devices
  • Read / Write / Wipe Any Partition
  • Dump / Format Userdata (in Safe Mode)
  • Reset Userlock on Vivo phones (without data loss)
  • Read / Write Full Dump
  • Read / Write SD card Dump Image

Download User Manual from HERE

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