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ALL ANDROID BRANDS:SAMSUNG:HTC:HUAWEI:MTK:LG:MOTOROLA:ASUS:XIAOMI:QUALCOMM:Direct FASTBOOT:Direct ADB:HARDWARE FeaturesSamsung Support ModelsList Of ‘Reset FRP UFS’ Supported Devices:List Of ‘Reset FRP EMMC’ Supported Devices:List Of ‘Write IMEI’ Supported Devices:List Of ‘Write CERT’ Supported Devices:List Of MTK Supported CPUs:List Of MTK Support..


EFT Pro Tool No Need Dongle 1 Year Plan ((Digital License)Now the EFT Pro has a new Using policy:EFT Pro Tool: Can be used without Dongle connection. You can switch to use the Tool account in the Startup widget of the Application.Notice : It is a paid service even for old users.Note- Register with tool and provide registered email while making..

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